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Dr Efthymia Priki is a founding member of the SNBMS as well as the main administrator of the network.

She has a Ph.D. in Byzantine Studies from the University of Cyprus (2016) and her thesis dealt with dreams of initiation, focusing on the Tale of Livistros and Rodamne, the Roman de la Rose, and the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. Her primary research interests concern comparative literature, byzantine romances, dreams and dream narratives, imagined spaces in art and literature, literary gardens, visions of the afterlife in late medieval and byzantine literature, text/image studies, and alchemical allegory.

She enjoys travelling, reading comics, fantasy and science fiction, and cooking. To that end, she also maintains a food blog:

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Dr. Soteria-Alexia Protogirou is a founding member of the SNBMS. [Info to be completed soon]


Ms. Paraskevi Sykopetritou is a one of the first members of the SNBMS, now functioning as a technical administrator and an informer for upcoming events and other academic news.

She is a Ph.D. candidate in Byzantine Studies at the Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Cyprus writing her dissertation on Imperial ceremonies and political ideology in the Late Byzantine Palaiologan Court. She is also a Project Coordinator for the Wittgenstein-Prize Project at the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the University of Vienna. Her research interests include court ceremonies and political ideology in the Byzantine Empire; Byzantine historiography and hymnography; late Byzantine history, literature and archaeology; Greek and Latin palaeography and Byzantine diplomatics; culture and history of ideas in Byzantium and the West.

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Ms. Katerina Ragkou has also joined SNBMS from its earliest steps. [Info to be completed soon]


Ms. Kleio Pethainou in a recent addition to our team, contributing to the network as site co-administrator, content editor and writer.

Kleio has been academically and professionally active in Greece, Italy and the UK. She is currently managing Granton Art Centre at the National Galleries of Scotland and tutoring History of Art at the University of Edinbrugh. She has been professionally active in museums and galleries, in the theatre and in education and she has freelanced in fund-raising, management and copy-writing.

Academically, she has been equally active, having studied Economics and Business in Athens before she switched to Cultural Heritage Sciences. She studied Art History in Urbino, Italy, focusing on the Analysis and Curation of Cultural Heritage. Her MSc in the University of Edinburgh specialised in the Global Middle Ages.

She is currently writing her PhD Thesis on medieval French manuscripts at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests include the relationship between text and image, humour through time and space, as well as the formation of gender identities and the relevant social dynamics. Additionally, she is interested in public engagement and the different ways of communication between heritage, art and audiences.

To escape from it all, she enjoys role playing games, fantasy literature and comics. And music, of course!

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